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The last word on the famous Honda V4, courtesy of the members of the Honda Sabre/Magna Owners listserv,

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The Archives: Past Events
August 1996 
SME v1.0 at Deal's Gap
October 1996 
SME v1.1 at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground,
?? 1996 
SabMag West - the Inaugural Ryde In -- Ron Erhardt
April 1997 
SME v1.9 at Leith Run
April 1997 
SME v2.0
September 1997 
SabMag Oklahoma/Texas v1.0 -- Christopher Leach
October 1997 
Photos from Feast in the East, 10/17/97 -- Ted Fulmer
April 1998 
SME v2.9 at Leith Run
June 1998 
SME v3.0 at Cherokee Campground
September 1998 
Sabmag British Columbia Ride, 1998 -- Ted Muralt
January 1999 
Report and Pics from the 1999 Winter Maintenance Clinic -- Greg Terpin
April 1999 
SME v3.9 at Leith Run
May 1999 
SabMag West Spring Fling '99 at Volcano -- Ron Erhardt
June 1999 
SME v4.0 at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground
April 2000 
SME v4.9 at Hocking Hills
May 2000 
SabMag West Spring Fling 2000 at Volcano -- Ron Erhardt
June 2000 
SME v5.0 at Cherokee Campground
August 2000 
SMRockies at Heart of the Rockies Campground
April 2001 
SME v5.9 at Hocking Hills
June 2001 
SME v6.0 at T.W.O.
October 2001 
SMEGMA-III -- Craig Denbrook
April 2002 
SME v6.9 at Cairo
April 2002 
SMVermont -- Sean Votier
June 2002 
SMOzarks at Mountain View
August 2002 
SME v7.0 at T.W.O.
May 2003 
SME v7.9 at Cairo
May 2003 
SabMag West Spring Fling 2003 at Pine Grove -- Ron Erhardt
June 2003 
SME v8.0 at Tellico Plains -- Roger Sheldon
September 2003 
SME v8.1 at Two Wheels Only Campground -- Various
In Memoriam