SabMag West

the Definitive Gathering on the Left Coast
May 16-18, 2003

SMWSF00 Regional Map
SabMag West Spring Fling '03 Regional Map

SOME NOTES FROM YOUR HOST This year's event was perhaps the best ever, which is quite suitable
considering it's also the Fifth Anniversary of SabMag West Spring Fling
which began back in May of 1999. We had a fantastic crowd of Maggots
from near and far. Some ryding an hour to arrive in Pine Grove, others
ryding for days to make their way from the other side of the country,
as far north as British Columbia, as far south as Phoenix, and as far
east as Virginia.

Below are links to several WebShots galleries with pics taken by many
of the attendees at SMW Spring Fling '03. Enjoy!

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