SabMag West

the Definitive Gathering on the Left Coast
May 19-21, 2000

Let the gathering begin...

SMWSF2K took place in Amador County, California; once again using the St. George Hotel in the historic town of Volcano, CA as a 'base of operations'.

The St. George Hotel was ready for us this year and definitely enjoyed having the maggots take over the town for the weekend!

As with last year, they marked the parking in front of the hotel as 'Bikes Only'.

The SMW Gang...Not shown are Karen Ferguson, Chris Munson and Leonard who all needed to head home before the feast. 

Mark Muelhausen (in foreground, from the hospital) and Alex Sears (back row, left) pasted in.

Those who camped ended up at Pine Acres Resort in Pine Grove.

Photo courtesy of

Pete Springer