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The last word on the famous Honda V4, courtesy of the members of the Honda Sabre/Magna Owners listserv,

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Sabmaggots' Bike and Project Pages
Trip reports, too!

Katherine Becker's Trip Reports

Ken Blais' V65 Project Site

Tom Blum's Page

V65 Sabre -- Ron Butterfield

The Gimp -- TimCameron (Australia)

V4-ever Page -- Doug Chapman

Motorcycle Riding Page -- Penny Devlin

Awakening Rip Van Sabre -- Ted Fulmer

Eric's Magna Home Page-- Eric Grabek

Bob's Sabre Web Page -- Bob Hampton

David's Bikes -- David Hill

VF/VFR Page -- Steve Ingram (Australia)

Honda VF750S -- Steen Jeberg (Denmark)

Erik Kauppi's Page

Kevin Kirkendall's Motorcycle Page

Honda V45 Sabre -- Robyn Landers

Strider's VF1000F Page -- Christopher Leach

Zaphod's Sabmag Stuff -- Bryan Lendroth

Mark and Teri Mackinnon's Page

Sabmag Seti@home Page -- Jeremy McGowan

Magnaplaza -- Hans Oostendorp (Holland)

Don Peter's Sabre Page

Gadget Dan's Garage -- Dan Pierce

Bob's V45 Magna Page -- Bob Sunley

Grethe's Motorcycle Page -- Grethe Tausvik (Norway)

Grethe Goes to the USA! -- Grethe Tausvik (Norway)

Greg Terpin's SabMag Page

The Animal's Den -- Sam Woodson
The Archives: Past Events
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