SabMag West

They Ate...

Our Feast location in the garden of the St. George Hotel before maggots arrived!


As we all settled in to the feast... The St. George supplied us with BBQ ribs and chicken with two wonderful salads and homemade brownies for dessert.  Complete with no host bar for our convenience.


Photo courtesy of

Pete Springer


Feastin' at the Fling. Maggots from far and wide.


Photo courtesy of

Pete Springer



More Feastin', Randy, Lucy, Eric, Springer, IBM


Randoman (Randy Quam) with Wes Woods and his travelling companions.


Even the young were satisfied.


Olde guys enjoyed it, too!


Jim & Penny Devlin, 2-time Flingers!


From left...

Jason, Milt MaCS Oberman, his guest Pam with Ken & Barb Thompson.