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Rydin' in Gold Country

Tire Kickin'
The ryde began, after a sumptuous breakfast at
the St. George Hotel, with the traditional tire
kicking and lie-telling.

Tire Kickin'
Photo thanks to Kali4nia Kate!
The bikes went the entire block in front of the
magnificent, 140 year old hotel. They even put
'No Parking' signs out for us!

We rode through some old towns that positively
REEK of history. SabMaggots filled the roads with
the sweet sound of Honda V-4's (and other motor-
cycle mahem) all around the Sierra Foothills. The
roads were great, the ryding was even better.
Historic Places
Photo thanks to Pete Springer

Stop #1
The first segment (consisting of some of the very
twistiest twisties on Ram's Horn Grade Road) end-
ed at the 'General Store' in River Pines, where we
all dismounted for more BSing and a quick refresh-
ment. This quickly led to boredom, and we were off
on the second leg....

Segment two took us through still more twisties,
which led to more - well - twisties. Gold Country
has some of the best in the land. Even our own YWR
could find few faults. Nobody was bored, that is a
fact. But we all were gettin' hungry after a few
hours, and lunch was at the end of the segment...
More Rydin'
Photo thanks to Pete Springer

Some maggots found the going so tough, they had
to stop along the way for a breather. This, of
course, was encouraged - if you found yourself
in need of rest. After the miles some of these
guys endured to get to the Fling, it wasn't a
a surprise.
More Rydin'
Photo thanks to Pete Springer

Bikes at Pardee
We filled the parking lot at the lunch stop at a
very relaxing spot - Lake Pardee Recreation Area,
where the Rangers let the entire group of 32 bikes
in without a single 'day-use fee' being paid. They
no doubt saw the $$ signs from all those hungry
bikers. We did not disappoint them. 37 hungry folks
ran the snack bar help ragged for an hour and a half.

Maggots listen intently as the infamous Ye Wilde
Ryder holds class. YWR led the 'fast' group on his
new ZX9-R Ninja. So fast were they that they man-
aged to miss a turn or two, allowing the 'slower'
group (led by Phil Ross) to sneak past. YWR was no
doubt explaining the logic of this, declaring it an
'act of blatant hooliganism', for which he is famous.
Lunchtime Class

Babes relaxing
Karen Ferguson, SMWSF99 sweetheart (thanks for
the cookies!) and TOWMBO (aka Lynn Guilkey,
YWR's SO) relaxing after lunch. Alot of this went
on, after we gorged ourselves on burgers, dogs,
shrimp baskets, and other snack bar fair. After
all, we had to get ourselves ready to do battle
once again Segment 3, more twisties on Hwy 49 and
Hwy 26.

A few Maggots even found themselves up an
actual creek. Such features are rampant in
the Sierra Foothills, luring unsuspecting
bikers into acts the likes of which they've
never dreamed. The scenery was worth it.
Up a Creek