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the Fling Feast in Gold Country

Host Cookin'
SMWSF99's host, Ron E., cookin' up a storm
for the 41-strong SabMaggots who showed up
at the Pine Grove digs for the 'Fling Feast'

Randoman pays attention to the master as he
anxiously awaits the delicious grub being
expertly prepared by GSM1 (that's Gourmet
SabMaggot #1). We dined on spicy chicken
wings, teriyaki chicken legs, kielbasa, and
Doe's Famous Lamburgers; with sides of salads
and baked 'taters. Nobody left hungry.
More Cookin'

Group Feast
Pete (_not_goat_boy_) Salzman and Uncle Milt
share the wisdom of maggotry, along with a
few dozen friends. Milt and Pete couldn't
possibly be more different. 'Diametrically
Opposed', I believe is appropriate. Great
thing about this group - that sort of thing
doesn't matter!

Here's Karen again, keeping the San Diego
contingent entertained and in line with her
wit and brilliance. These guys were in such
a hurry to get here, they came up on Thursday!
Great bunch of guys, and a variety of mounts,
too. Even had the gumption to hit the long
road with a Buell!
Group Feast

Group Feast
Kate from Kali4nia chats it up with two young
guys who found the 'Fling' page on the inter-
net and rode up from LA on the chance that we
would let them hang with us. We did not disap-
point them. Pete and Tim were a great addition
to the group. Nice V65 Sabre, Tim!

Pete and his lady Holly, just sittin' around
with wildman Puck. For anyone who hasn't seen
the diversity of SabMag in person, you're mis-
sing out on something special. Intelligence is
abundant here, with both Pete and Holly well al-
ong in PhD programs. Puck is - well - Puck. :-)
Group Feast

Group Feast
Uncle Milt with his son Ari and daughter-in-
law Erica and TOWMBO. The truly remarkable
thing about these two kids was that Milt was
unable to outwit them. Ari and Erica are on
their way to good things with the Peace Corps.
Wonder where they got that idea?

After all that food, it was time for the
entertainment. Always up for a good time,
Arizona's own Ye Wilde Ryder showed us all
up with his own personal brand of the
'Funky Chicken'. We all appreciated the
effort, but were unimressed with the style.
Maggots in close proximity appear nonchalant.
Group Feast