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Some Maggot Portraits from the Fling

Ron & Doe'
Photo thanks to Pete Springer
the hosts for SabMag West Spring Fling '99
Ron and Doe Erhardt, at the Ryder's meeting
on Friday evening.

Uncle Milt's great kids, Ari and Erica, on
Sunday morning prior to departure. Besides
being a cute couple, these two were up to
the task of keeping Milt in line. This is no
mean feat, if you've ever met Uncle (mean as
catsh&t) Milt. I have it on good authority
that these two are headed for the Peace Corps.
More Cookin'

Group Feast
Pete (_not_goat_boy_) Salzman and his lovely
lady Holly, relaxing after a day spent mostly
trying to keep Ron E. in sight on legs two
and three of the Ryde. These two are quite a
pair, both in PhD programs, his in Physics,
hers in Anthropology. One year to go!

Arizona has no finer folks than this pair.
Ye Wilde Ryder and his wonderful SO Lynn,
aka TOWMBO ('the one who must be obeyed').
Ye takes alot of crap because he's perhaps
more typical of a 'biker'. When it comes to
doin' things for others, he's a prince - and
Lynn is right there.
Group Feast

Group Feast
Phil 'I'm not a dog person' Ross takes Ginger
'I'm really a cat person' for an impromptu
stroll in the rain in Volcano. Ginger doesn't
do that for *anyone* (not even me!), but she
loved her Uncle Phil from the getgo.

Not from the Fling, but in preparation for
it, this is John Strode next to his gorgeous
VFR, with Don Peter in Oregon. Most of the
bikes in this pic were at the Fling.
John & Don
Photo thanks to Penny Devlin

This is Mike Roberson, Ron and Doe, and the
infamous Bob Sunley at the Ryder's Meeting
on Friday evening. Ya got the youngster,
two old phartes, and a babe.

Karen Ferguson and her husband Chris Munson,
consort with our own 'Uncle Milt' Obermann at
the ryder's meeting. After the 'official' stuff
was over, we all just enjoyed ourselves.
Group 2

Jim Devlin and Jeff Gent with an as-yet
unidentified maggot (pardon my poor mem-
ory) at the ryder's meeting. A great time
was had by all.

A pair from the Oregon Contingent, Steve and
Irene Frost. These folks, along with Jim and
Penny Devlin, John and Rhoda Strode, and Jeff
Gent escaped the whiteness 'up north' to join
us for some time in the sun.
the Frost's

Mark Muelhausen, who accompanied Bob Sunley
most of the way across the west (they hooked
up in South Dakota) and Eric Driskell, who
braved ice storms from Colorado Springs.

This is two of the infamous 'San Diego Guys',
Bill Barton and (ducking) Arnold Shattuck(?)
I may take some flack for this, since these
names I'm assigning may be incorrect. :-(
the Frost's

Mark Muelhausen, Lynn Guilkey, Ye Wilde
Ryder, Bob Sunley, and Randy Quam hangin'
at the Fling. Between just these folks,
they put on more than 10,000 miles just
gettin' here and gettin' home. Bikers all.

Lynn (again!), Alex Sears, Uncle Milt, John
Strode, and Puck sharing lies at the Fling.
It should be obvious from this one that it
takes all kinds to make up SabMag.
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the Women of SMW
Because of the truly outstanding turnout
of the finer gender, the boyz harrassed
them into 'posing' for this pic. Most are
named in other pics, so I'm not even gonna
try - I'd just mess it up. :-)

Eric Driskell, YWR, and TOWMBO. Now this
photo looks ominous, does it not? Like
these three are cookin' up something. I'd
bet on it, knowing this crew!
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