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Sad Departures

Sunday morning dawned cold and wet (thanks Phil!), but most folks had to
depart anyway. Many of us gathered for the 'last breakfast' at the St.
George Hotel in Volcano, then hung around out front to watch the parade
of maggotry departing this quiet Gold Country town until next year. Ma
Nature finally found Phil, and guided the jetstream to bring his favorite
weather. He liked it so much, he stayed around until Monday - even colder

Ron & Doe'
Ari and Erica Obermann, ready to head out
for the ryde back to L.A. The bike is Uncle
Milt's ST1100.

The ST1100 and V65 Sabre of Angelinos Tim
and Pete. They came to check us out. They
stayed and enjoyed our company. Both bikes
and ryders got wet (see below), but spirits
were not dampened in the least. Here's hoping
these two guys subscribe to the list and join
us for more SabMag events.
LA Bikes

Departure for LA
Tim and Pete heading out into the mist after
the 'last breakfast'.

Mark Muelhausen, one of the real troopers
(with >5500 miles round trip!) at SMWSF99,
preparing to launch on the long road home.
Mark and Bob Sunley endured horrific weather
to get to the event, getting stranded in the
northland with snow all around. Now they pre-
pared to go at it again to get home.
Mark Muelhausen

Pete & Holly
Pete and Holly ready to brave the wetness to
make it back to Davis. Pete's used to it, as
one would be who has no means of transport
other than his bike. Plus they were faced with
a trip of just a bit over 65 miles.

Uncle Milt, stylishly clad in bright red,
ready to ryde out on his gorgeous V65 Magna.
Truly a shame he had to take that bike out in
such weather.
Milt wasn't nearly as bad as YWR said he was.
Uncle Milt

YWR and Lynn
YWR and TOWMBO, eager to get back on the road
to Phoenix - and warmer, dryer weather.

Ron E., with the ceremonial 'presenting of
the helmet' to Phil Ross. Phil was indeed
ready for cold and wet, what with electric
everything and wet weather rubbers everywhere.
He was headed down to SoCal, where he would
begin a '50CC' ryde across the country. At
this writing, he hasn't returned Russel's ST.
Ceremonial Helmet

Last Maggot Out
Phil Ross slogs the trusty ST up the muddy
'driveway' - the last attendee to depart this
year's great event. All Russell said was to
bring the ST back with <100,000 miles.