Your Host's New Acquisition
- 1983 VF750F/RC15 Interceptor -

Destination is Irrelevant

she is BORG
She lept out from behind the bulkhead,
without making a sound. Her sleek form
caught me seriously off guard. I was
defenseless against her charms. Then I
noticed that there was something very
different about this one....

You WILL be assimilated

The color-matched BagMan luggage was
a nice addition to the package. There's
also a matching tankbag, not shown.
Very nicely kept, in case I needed to say
anything. Brand new Metzeler's, too! :-)
her Right Side
Right side view - Color-matched BagMan's

Left side view - Nekkid

Left side View - No luggage
The original V45 Interceptor is certainly
one fine looking motorcycle. No wonder
it was so dominant in the market. The
fact that it was quite a bit quicker and
better handling than it's competition
didn't hurt. First real bike that could
truly be called a 'sport bike'.

Comin' Atcha

Comin' Atcha