Beasts(tm) and Wolves(tm) - the Mighty Sabres


BEAST(tm) - the Awesome V65 Sabre
WOLF(tm) - the V45 and VF700 Sabres

Wolf Pack
The INCREDIBLE 'Wolf Pack' of Steve Stokes
Dean C. Harris
Dean Harris' beautiful '82 Wolf(tm)

Andy Inman's '85 Beast(tm)
Andy Inman's immaculate '85 Beast(tm)
Scott Stamper
Scott Stamper with his '84 Beast(tm)

Brad Prosise
Brad Prosise - '84 Wolf(tm)
Bob Sutton
Bob Sutton's clean '85 Beast(tm)

Dave Shapero
Dave Shapero and his '85 Beast(tm)
Robyn Landers
Robyn Landers' 'RC07' (AKA Wolf(tm))

Jeff Pugh
Jeff Pugh's Wolf(tm) - 'Hangar Queen'
David Pipe
Dave Pipe's LOADED Wolf(tm)

Brian Sydness
Brian Sydness and his Wolf(tm)
David Ryder
David Ryder and the 'Asphalt Chainsaw'

Jim Hiler
Jim Hiler's Beast(tm)
Sabres X2
the Sabres of Jack Edwards

Jim Hiler
Carl Custer's Wolf(tm)
Don Peter's Beast(tm)
Don Peter's V65 Sabre

Kurt Grife
Kurt Grife's Beast(tm)
John Haydt's 'FUGLY'
John Haydt's V65 Sabre 'FUGLY'


Don Young's V65 Sabre

Kirby Martin

Kirby Martin's '85 V65 Sabre 'Kirbster'

the Beav

'Beaver's V65 Sabre