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We'd all like to see what 'Uncle Honda' has in store for the new millenium. Our very own Tim Cameron,a SabMaggot from 'down under' (yes, Tim's Australian), has these ideas. They're marvelous. Light, packed with honest V-4 punch, with the same attributes that have endeared Sabres and Magnas to all of us.

Now, Tim rydes a hybrid Interceptor named 'the Gimp'. What does he have in mind for the Interceptor? (see below! 10/17/98)

Stay tuned.

Sabre 2000
Is this Honda's 2000 Sabre?
A few choice words
from Tim:

I think any good (adventurous) designer
lives on a thin line between bringing something NEW
into the world and making people want to

Magna 2000
Is this Honda's 2000 Magna?
More words of wisdom:

On the other side of coin, Merc and BMW spend billions on new models guaranteed NOT to offend their repeat customer base

Interceptor 2000
Is this Honda's 2000 VFR1000F?
Even More .....

Even with bikes, the first time I saw a Ducati 916 I drew a sharp breath, frowned and went "what the fu....???" before falling hopelessly and completely in love with it.

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