Weekend in Phoenix

the PEOPLE of SabMag Phoenix, '99

It all started out so innocently. I was
flying in from San Jose, Axel (aka Alexis
Sears) was ryding a bike (more on this later)
down from San Francisco, and Phil Ross was
flying out to pick it up. We were all going
to impose on the folks you see here, Ye Wilde
Ryder (aka Wallace) and his SO, Lynn Guilkey.
Most gracious, were these two, as hosts. Not
only providing shelter and amenities, but also
food, drink, and transportation - usually in
the form of WONDERFUL motorcycles. Our
most hearty thanks to Ye and Lynn.

(the bike here is Lynn's VFR800, 'Blaze')
our Hosts
Ye Wilde Ryder and Lynn Guilkey


Hydin' behind the net.... Axel

This here is Axel. He didn't want
his piccie taken, which explains the
net. I guess he didn't realize that
there were lots of holes in his - ahem -
'cover'. Smart as a whip, this guy.
Axel spent most of his seat time on
Lynn's VFR (above), although he did
manage to sneak a ryde on 'Stormy' -
YWR's lovely VTR1000 - which he
rudely stole from me....


And this is the legendary Phil Ross.
The bike here is 'Slut', the V65 Sabre
that Axel picked up, stored, then rode
down to Phoenix (from San Francisco)
for him. Phil is definitely a long-
distance guy, and headed back after our
weekend in Phoenix to his 'home digs'
somewhere back in 'snow country'. This
bike, by the way, was purchased for
- um - less than a dollar per CC. Quite
a bargain - even if it is a Fugly Sabre.

Phil & Slut

Phil Ross and 'the Slut'

Ron & Stormy

Ron and Stormy

Here's Ron E. astride his new love, or at
least his new LUST. Yes, that's Phil just
behind with those 'rabbit ears'. He'd spent
just a bit too much time in the desert sun
this particular day (Sunday, after the races).
The VTR was an impressive bike. I fully expect-
ed to be uncomfortable after a few miles of the
Phoenix metro 'slab', but was pleasantly surprised
by Stormy's ride and ergos. When Axel stole the
VTR on Sunday morning, I was forced to take
Lynn's lovely VFR. Much to my amazement,
I wanted Stormy back. Then there were those
HOOLIGAN pipes....

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