Ryde in the Foothills

It was a last-minute thing, this ryde. Ya see, me and Pete (was 'not Keats', now 'not-Goat-Boy', see SabMag West) decided to help Kate (see the Ladies Page) out of her doldrums and show her how swell us SabMaggots are.

Then, with only a few days left, we unsuccessfully attempted to recruit other SMers for the ryde. Oh well. We had a great time anyway. Enjoy the pics!

First Stop - St. George Hotel in Volcano for Breakfast
Pete and the St. George Historical Plaque

Kate loads up 'Flame' after breakfast

On the road - Highway 49 outside Jackson
Rest stop at yet another historical marker

Pete again
Pete at the Butte Store

Our 'Destination'! the Gold Country Town of Columbia
Biker Saloon
Biker Saloon in Downtown Columbia

Music Fest
Bluegrass Music Fest!

Goat Boy
the real _NOT_ Goat Boy?