Animals(tm) and Brutes(tm) - the Magnas


ANIMAL(tm) - the Awesome V65 Magna
BRUTE(tm) - the V45 and VF700 Magnas
VARMINT(?) - the V30 Magnas

Milt Oberman
Milt Oberman and L.D. Murphy on their '96 Magna
Maggie Mae
Malcolm Lorente's gorgeous Brute(tm)

Wes Woods
Wes Woods - Trip-ready with his '84 Animal(tm)
Michael Juriga
??Michael Juriga's '84 Varmint(tm)

Stu Miles
Stuart Miles' '83 Animal(tm)
Dru Germanoski
Dru Germanoski's Immaculate '84 Animal(tm)

Ken Bour
Ken Bour's VERY clean Animal(tm)
Bob Ferrari
Bob Ferrari's '87 Super Magna

Ron Purnell
Ron Purnell and his wife on their Varmint(tm)
Jamie Young
Jamie Young's Brute(tm) - Loaded for Bear

Bob Franklyn
Bob Franklyn's Trip-Ready Brute(tm)

Bill & Kevin

Bill Mappin, Kevin Sims and their Animals(tm)

Alexis Sears

Alexis Sears' Animal(tm)

Anthony Osborne

Ozzie's Animal(tm)

Jim & Penny Devlin

Jim & Penny Devlin and their Magnas

Mike Leclair

Mike Leclair's V65 Magna

Paul Andrews

Paul Andrews' '86 V65 Magna

Patrick Linley

Patrick Linley's '95 Magna

Don McCall

Don McCall's '85 V30 Magna 'Cherry'

Randy Mazur

Randy Mazur's Magna

Leslie Alley

Leslie Alley's V30 Magna 'James'

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson's 'Lucille'