the Magna's Alterego
- Honda's VF and VFR Interceptors -

Destination is Irrelevant

she is BORG
She lept out from behind the bulkhead,
without making a sound. Her sleek form
caught me seriously off guard. I was
defenseless against her charms. Then I
noticed that there was something very
different about this one....

You WILL be assimilated

Ron E's 7 of 9
Ron E's 1983 RC15 - Seven of Nine
Axel's VFR
Alex Sears' '86 VFR750

Ed Piteo's '87 VFR-F2

Ed Piteo's '87 VFR750F2


??Michael's '85 VF700F


Ian Cariolo's '85 VF700F 'Rosie'

Down Under

Tim Cameron and 'the Gimp'

Joey T's

Joey T's VF500F Interceptor

James Stoehr

James Stoehr's VFR800F Interceptor


Pat Coffee's 'Pancakes'

Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow's VF1000F

Steve Ingram

Steve Ingram's '83 VF750FD