"Head for the Mountains of Prescott 1"

As planned, I met up with my bud Jack at 8:45am in town. He was as ready as I was to tackle the White Spar twisties, and work up a good appetitie. After a good. brisk warmup, we arrived at the Ranch House in Yarnell exactly 5 minutes early, to find Bob Nixon already there with his nice red SV650. We did a bit of bike sniffing, and admired his Two Brothers carbon fiber pipe, which sounded great on the little twin. I was riding my VFR800, and Jack on his VTR1000. Hmmm... no one else here yet, so we'll wait a bit. A group of sport bikes showed up, but none for our group. Let's see... Nice Daytona, CBRXX, TL1000, R1. We chatted a bit, before they roared off for another round of Yarnell goodness. This would be the last time we would see the R1. More on this later. Another group had moved into the lot, and were doing the usual parking lot racing. After it got to be 10 Oclock and no one else had showed, we decided to head down the hill, before tackling breakfast. We ran a nice pace, with minimal traffic. Bob was having a good time keeping up with the VFR on his SV. That little twin looks to be tons of fun. It runs out of top end ooomph, so I could pull away at will, but it was more powerful than expected. And it simply looks to be a twisty road weapon. We got back into town, and pulled into the only other restaurant spotted. Ya gotta love 3 red sportbikes marking their turf, eh? Jack seemed to enjoy his meal, and the subject of jobs came up. Bob tried to explain what he did for a living. After about 10 minutes he gave up. I'm not even sure HE knows!

Still no shows, and it was around 11 or so. Hoping no one had gotten hurt. Anyway, we mounted our respective steeds, and fired them up. Two V-Twins, and my V-Four. Good sounds. I led the group towards Prescott at a very sedate pace as we did the straights approaching the twisties. We then got to the base of the mountain. This is what we had been waiting for! 15 miles of pure, unadulterated fun. Clean roads, good surface, and easily disposed of traffic. I had the VFR going back and forth from full lean to full lean. Nearly a sexual experience, it can be! About 5 miles from the top, we came to a dead stop. Fire trucks and cops were tending to something. At first, I thought speed trap, but not with a fire truck. After a minute or two, we were moving along, and passed a group of riders standing there. Wait! These were the guys from this morning, looking none too happy. We proceeded about a mile up the road, and decided that since traffic was heavier due to the roadblock, we would snap a few "action" shots. Here's Bob, Jack and me, doing our best knee dragging! OK, so we only had one try at it.

We arrived in Prescott, and were treated to lots of sportbikes parked around the town square. Here's a nice MV Agusta. Nice quad exhaust out the back. Sweet! Bikes as far as you could see. It was nice to see lots of sporty bikes, since Prescott has its share of Harley drones. We walked over to find the same group that we had seen in Yarnell. What's this? No R1?? Seems that Mr. R1 had overcooked a turn, and crossed the centerline. A car coming the opposite way clipped his rear, sending the bike skyward. Mr. R1 slid and tumbled, but not before offering a nice cushy place for his airborne bike to land, his shoulder! He was apparently rushed to the local hospital. The guys didn't know anything else, but were going to visit him there after lunch. They said that the cops told them to "tell your friends that we'll be patrolling this road. Anyone going over 30 will be written up." We shall see. I'll post as soon as I see Gestapo presence. Anyway, the three of us went into the Prescott Brewing Company, and enjoyed a glass of the finest microbrews around, and swapped stories of the day's events.

We had a blast. I'm truly sorry I didn't get to meet more of you guys. Maybe next time at "Head for the Mountains II". Later, gents!