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Name: James K. Stoehr

Vocation: Video Producer

D.O.B. : July 18, 1967

Hails from: Pittsburgh, PA

Currently: Prescott, AZ

Currently, I live in the beautiful mountain town of Prescott, Arizona. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 30 of my 33 years, aside from 4 1/2 years attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. There, I studied computer science first. I decided I didn't like the long hours of compiling code, and knew myself to be far too artistically inclined, (in ideas and concepts.... I can't draw my way out of a paper bag) so I switched to Communications Media, with a track emphasis in electronic media. Unlike many of my graduating classmen, I actually landed a job fairly quickly out of school in my chosen field.

Before all that, I was a product of growing up in the 70's and 80's, putting me at the leading edge of the so-called "Generation X". I despise labels, and find myself far too interesting to be pigeon-holed so easily. No, I'm not an egotist, but strongly believe that we are all amazingly complicated beings, deserving far more than some simplistic marketing catch phrase. I consider myself a free-thinker, value personal freedoms, and the idea that I am entitled only to what I earn and accomplish in this life. Nothing less, nothing more. Whoa, a little tangent there....
Anyway, I soaked up my share of classic rock, new wave, and punk in my developing years to totally confuse me. College really opened up my mind and showed me how much the world had to offer musically, which in my mind is a euphomism for life itself. My musical interests are wide indeed, following such hardcore bands as the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Ministry, and the Sisters of Mercy. On the other end of the scale, I love solo piano and new age artists such as David Lanz, George Winston, and especially Kitaro. I've never been very musically inclined myself, except when I tortured the clarinet in 4th grade. A few years ago, I started playing acoustic guitar, taking a few lessons at a local community college. I'm left-handed, so I had it strung backwards! I have learned some basic chords, and try to follow some tablature, but can't read music, and sometimes can be found playing in my underwear.

My main love, as you might have guessed, is motorcycling. And I don't mean being a Harley hard-ass. I am talking of motorcycling as a sport, and the enjoyment I get out of traveling and the feeling of freedom it brings me. Unfortunately, the public perception of motorcyclists (as opposed to "biker", which brings along all sorts of negative connotations) is that of overweight, dirty, uneducated slobs, cruising around with open pipes starting trouble. I constantly strive to bring a better image to motorcycling. Whether I am waving to little kids (which can terrify parents, by the way. "Look away from the biker, honey") or offering rides I always try and project a positive image. I have ridden for about 10 years, owning five bikes in the process, coincidentally all Hondas.

Like I said in the beginning, however, I now live in Northern Arizona. A strange set of circumstances brought me here. I was offered a job over the phone, and accepted, without ever seeing the area. I drove four days in a rental truck, covering around 2,400 miles. I was completely surprised to find Prescott, Arizona to be a quaint, historic city with four seasons, incredible sunsets and beautiful topography. I was expecting desert, and I got pine trees, and even a little snow! I work here as a video producer for Cable ONE Advertising - writing, shooting, and editing :30 commercials for the major cable networks. More importantly, I've been lucky enough to be spending my life with Wendy, who has two beautiful, talented little girls named Danica and Desiree. We all love it here and wish you could visit!