In Memory of James Stoehr, friend and Sabmaggot

July 18, 1967 - July 5, 2002

What most people remember about James was his smile, which occurred frequently and easily. Always willing to help someone in need, he enjoyed many friends. He seemed to take great pleasure in taking a moment to share his life with ordinary people, whether it be playing catch with the children in his neighborhood or stopping to chitchat with a lonely elderly person who lived in his apartment building.A man of strong commitments and beliefs, James loved nothing more than a lively conversation. This, of course, helped him fit right in with the Sabmag community. His ability to contribute his experience and opinions with forthright candidness hallmarked his participation in our group, and garnered the respect and friendship of those who knew him.We will forever be changed from knowing James. He enjoyed life with an innocence and enthusiasm few of us exhibit, and everyone who knew him found their lives enriched as a result.Ride into the Danger Zone, my friend.

-- David Ryder, March 2003