Past Events

  • Posted on: 15 May 2016
  • By: Editor

SMEs (SabMag Event), SMRs (SabMag Rockies), WCCs (Winter Maintenance Clinics) ... all abbreviations for gatherings of SabMaggots.

Here are a few surviving links to photos and trip reports of early SabMaggot gatherings.

1996 SabMag West - the Inaugural Ryde In -- Ron Erhardt
September 1997 SabMag Oklahoma/Texas v1.0 -- Christopher Leach
January 1999 Report and Pics from the 1999 Winter Maintenance Clinic -- Greg Terpin
May 1999 SabMag West Spring Fling '99 at Volcano -- Ron Erhardt
May 2000 SabMag West Spring Fling 2000 at Volcano -- Ron Erhardt
May 2003 SabMag West Spring Fling 2003 at Pine Grove -- Ron Erhardt
September 2003 SME v8.1 at Two Wheels Only Campground -- Various